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The Workshop

Steadicam Golden Workshop - Spanish poster

Welcome to the Steadicam Gold Workshop in Tenerife 2018.

We present this Workshop for Steadicam Operators, sponsored by Tiffen London, which will take place from 19th to 24th November, in Tenerife, located in the beautiful Canary Island Archipelago, in the historic setting of the Hotel Rural El Patio, (Structure of 1565), located in the municipality of Garachico.

This event also enjoys the patronage of Canary Islands Film, (Government of the Canary Islands), and the Tenerife Film Commission, can count with the collaboration and participation of some Canary companies from the film industry, and also recently of other international brands of survey, who wanted to participate in our workshop, enriching the relevance of the same.

The Gold Workshop is a 5 and half days of total immersion experience for 20 students from raw beginners to experienced operators wishing to improve their techniques. During the Gold Workshop we will use the bigger rigs, like the Steadicam Archer, Shadow, M-1, and cover the training objectives of the Tiffen Steadicam Long Course syllabus.

The instructors are Chris Fawcett, Danny Hallett, Jerry Holway, Katherine Kallergis, Robin Thwaites, with the supervision of Garrett Brown, who on Saturday morning, will hold a discussion with the participants, about all the work carried out during the course, after which it will deliver the Diplomas of participation.

The Workshop has aroused much interest and as a result we have been overwhelmed by the requests, so we soon reached the quota of 20 members, and therefore had to close the registrations, as now we had to close the waiting list we had created, reaching another 25 subscribers , who hope to take over some last-minute renunciation, or to participate in a subsequent course.

This great enthusiasm and interest, from all the people who have contacted us, from many countries, is already making us work to plan the organization of a second course, in Tenerife, for 2019, in the month of May.

The new Course will be able to participate, all the members of the waiting list who will be ready to wait until then, in order to participate in another event of the same level, interesting and engaging, as certainly will be this November.

We hope to be able to provide more information as soon as possible after we can verify all the ideal conditions for the realization, the confirmation of the Sponsors, the dates available by the instructors, and Garrett Brown.

I thank all those who have made this course possible.


  • Duration: 5 days for a total of 40 hours, plus Saturday.

  • Groups: 4 participants per instructor.

  • Price: 3000€, diveded in three payments.
    The price includes participation in the course and practical workshop, accommodation during the entire stay on a full-board basis, delivery of the certificate of attendance.

  • Limited places: 20 Participants.

In the beautiful natural setting of the Hotel Rural El Patio an ancient Canarian mansion built in 1565 in El Guincho, Garachico, participants and instructors will live toghether during the week. Accommodation on a full board basis is included in the registration of the course and will allow to maintain concentration and focus in the workshop without distractions and will promote knowledge among professionals of the same guild, where collaboration opportunities for common projects may be born.

The Rural Hotel El Patio is the ideal place where to develop our workshop, since it has all the necessary architectural elements for practical exercises (stairs, ramps, doors, asphalt, irregular terrain, alleyways, etc.) and it is also the ideal place to rest after an exhausting day of course, since all the participants will have at their disposal a single room in the Hotel, as well as access to the entire installation during the resting hours.


DAY 1 – Monday

  • Introduction.

  • Fitting the vest.

  • Posture, basic moves.

  • Panning, booming, walking.

  • Framing, moving composition.

  • Evening lecture: Chris Fawcett on Posture.

DAY 2 – Tuesday

  • How to balance: static, dynamic, inertial.

  • Balance practice.

  • 1st big shots.

  • Evening lecture: Garrett Brown on The Moving Camera and Inventing.

DAY 3 – Wednesday

  • How the arms work, including the G-series arms.

  • Low mode.

  • Opposite Side Operating.

  • More shots. Possibly a vehicle shot.

  • Evening lecture: Jerry Holway on Specifc methods of getting shots and more.

DAY 4 – Thursday

  • Safety, the business of Steadicam.

  • The M1 Volt. Long mode.

  • Possibly some vehicle work. Working off a dolly.

  • More difficult shots.

  • Evening lecture: (varies) on Working in Broadcast, demos by other instructors.

DAY 5 – Friday

  • Vehicles (Cars, Quads, Crane, etc.), whatever we need to work on.

  • More shots. Micro rehearsals.

  • Getting it. Accessories and tools.

  • Final test.

  • Big shot and review.

  • Evening lecture: open (depends on instructors).

DAY 6 – Saturday

  • Morning:  Discussion with Garrett Brown. Presentation and delivery of Certificates.

  • Afternoon: free-time with possible excursion to the Mount Teide (facoltative).

  • Evening/Night: Final ceremony, Party.


Canary Islands Film (Canarias Cultura en Red)
Tenerife Film Commission



Garrett Brown is best known as the Oscar-winning inventor of the Steadicam®.

He has operated Steadicam on nearly 100 movies including Rocky, The Shining, and Return of the Jedi. Garrett holds 50 patents worldwide for devices which include the Steadicam Merlin, a smaller, handheld Steadicam for camcorders; Skycam, the robot camera that flies on wires over sporting events; and Mobycam, Divecam, Flycam et al that pursue athletes worldwide.

His new zeroG technology “floats” tools and reduces workplace injuries. In past lives Garrett has recorded for MGM as a folksinger (www.BrownandDana.com), sold Volkswagens, directed TV commercials and made films for Sesame Street, and his voice was the other half of that well-known ad-lib duo on radio for Molson and American Express (www.TwoVoices.com*).

He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the Directors Guild, the Screen Actors Guild and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Garrett has just been inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Check Garrett’s website for more information: